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Prof. Kun-Huang Huarng

Ph.D at  Texas A&M University, Texas, U.S.A., Kun-Huang Huarng is Professor of International Trade and University Librarian at Feng Chia University, Taiwan; Member of Emerald Advisory Board, and Chair at Taiwan E-Books Supply Cooperative Limited, Taiwan.

Among his previous professional experiences:

  • Specialist Professor, Masters in Entrepreneurial Development and Innovation, Salamanca University, Spain
  • Consultant, Central Taiwan SME Entrepreneurship and Innovation Service Center, Taiwan (2010)
  • Associate Dean, College of Business, Feng Chia University, Taiwan
  • Founding Director, EC Research Institute, Feng Chia University, Taiwan
  • Founding University Librarian, Chaoyang University of  Technology, Taiwan
  • Associate Professor of Finance, Chaoyang University of Technology, Taiwan

Author of several publications – including articles on international peer-reviewed academic journals – Prof. Kun-Huang Huarng obtained important Honors/Awards, such as:

  1. Outstanding Service Award in the Literati Network 2008 Awards for Excellence, Emerald, 2008.
  2. Start-up Asia, “Best Business Idea Award,” Singapore, Mentor, 2001/8.
  3. Excellent Research Awards, National Science Council, Taiwan (2000-2001)
  4. Excellent Research Awards, National Science Council, Taiwan (1998-1999)
  5. Excellent Research Awards, National Science Council, Taiwan (1997-1998)
  6. Who’s Who in the World, 13 Ed., 1996.
  7. Upsilon Pi Epsilon (UPE), Honor Society in the Computing Sciences.


Prof. Helena Knörr

Helena KnorrHelena Knörr, Ph.D, is an Assistant Professor in the School of Business at Point Park University, Pittsburgh PA, USA. She graduated from the University of Minnesota with a Ph.D. specialized in Human Resource Development. At Point Park University, she started the new graduate program in Organizational Leadership and served as the director of the program from 2006-2007. Currently, she teaches courses in the Master of Business Administration and Organizational Leadership programs. An inveterate passionate traveler, whose background is linked to four continents, Dr. Knörr worked several years inSpainand theUnited States. She is a firm believer in the power of education and a devoted professor. Her research focuses on women in career development, entrepreneurship, leadership, ethics, organization culture, organization development and work-family balance. Dr. Knörr currently serves as a reviewer on several peer reviewed journals and professional organizations.

Knörr presented papers (in which she co-authored) at the Conference of the International Network of Business and Management Journals (INBAM) in Valencia, Spain.

Most recently, she co-authored the scholarly articles “Employee Organizational Citizenship Behaviour: The Direct and Indirect Impact of Ethical Leadership” and “From Top Management to Entrepreneurship: Women’s Next Move” which were published in the Canadian Journal of Administrative Sciences and the International Journal of Manpower, respectively. In addition, Dr. Knörr serves as the Academic Director of the Master for Women Entrepreneurs, an online graduate program organized by the University of Salamanca, Spain. Her most recent study on women entrepreneurs, will be presented at the INBAM 2012, in Valencia Spain.


Prof. Martin Figueroa Escobar

MARTIN FIGUEROA ESCOBARDirector of the Facultad de Administración de Empresas Turísticas y Sistemas Computacionales Administrativos de la Universidad Veracruzana (Mexico).

His previous educational and professional experience includes:

  • Coordinator of the Academy of Finance from the Management Faculty in Veracruz city;
  • Member of the Committee on Budgets and departmentalization committee appointed by the Honorable University Council General;
  • Partner program of strengthening DES Administrative affordable Veracruz.
  • Director of over 50 Professional Thesis, as well as Synod;
  • Speaker at various national and international forums related to the school administration area;
  • Participant and graduate from Business and Culture diplomat inChinaand in the International Summer School of Entrepreneurship in Spain;
  • Recognition by the Autonomous University of Chiapas for his commitment to education;
  • Organizer of the National Student Forum of the U.V. Veracruz area;
  • CIINCA Organizer (International Congress);
  • Organizer of the seminar on the five-dimensional model of corporate sustainability, along with EGADE for the area Veracruz-Boca del Rio.


Prof. Emerson Wagner Mainardes

Emerson Wagner MainardesPh.D. in Management, University of Beira Interior, UBI, Portugal, and Master’s Degree in Management, Regional University of Blumenau, FURB, Blumenau, Brazil, Emerson Wagner Mainardes is Professor of Marketing and Sales and Management at Cenecista College of Joinville– FCJ –Joinville, Brazil.

His previous professional experiences include: Professor of Marketing and Strategy and General Management at University of Beira Interior – UBI, Professor of Marketing and Sales and Management at Graduate Institute of Santa Catarina – ICPG, Professor of Marketing and Sales at Colégio Cenecista José Elias Moreira – ELIAS.

His main areas of research and activity are marketing, sales and general management, and he has a wide bibliographical production including several papers published in top scientific journals.  Among his main publications:

MAINARDES, Emerson Wagner, FERREIRA, João, TONTINI, Gerson
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MAINARDES, Emerson Wagner, ALVES, Helena, RAPOSO, Mario
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MAINARDES, Emerson Wagner, ALVES, Helena, RAPOSO, Mario
The process of change in university management: from the “ivory tower” to entrepreneurialism. Transylvanian Review of Administrative Sciences. , v.33, p.124 – 149, 2011.

ALVES, Helena, MAINARDES, Emerson Wagner, RAPOSO, Mario
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MAINARDES, Emerson Wagner, ALVES, Helena, RAPOSO, Mario
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MAINARDES, Emerson Wagner, ALVES, Helena, DOMINGUES, Maria José Carvalho de Souza
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Prof. Soumodip Sarkar

SOUMODIP SARKARProfessor Sarkar is currently the Dean of the Doctoral School of the University of Évora, IIFA. He received his PhD in Economics from Northeastern University, Boston in 1995. He previously worked at the Harvard Institute for International Development (HIID) and later CID, Kennedy School, Harvard University. His research interests are international business, innovation and entrepreneurship. He has published papers in numerous scientific journals and is in the editorial board of four international scientific journals. He has been a project leader in many Portuguese and European projects and was a past consultant to the USAID and Nathan Associates. He has worked internationally in many countries in different continents. He holds copyrights to the integrated innovation model developed by him along with simulation software designed for business diagnostics.

He was a Visiting Fellow at the Asia Center, Harvard University, in 2006. His book on innovation entitled: Innovation, Market Archetypes and Outcome was published in 2007, by Springer-Verlag. Another book on entrepreneurship and innovation Empreendedorismo e Inovação, published in Portuguese, by Escolar Editora, has been released in September of 2007 currently on second edition. In 2008 was published his third book on the Entrepreneurial Innovator, published by Elsevier-Campus in Brasil. He has given diverse talks and workshops all over the world, and has been invited to speak among other places including at the Helsinki School of Economics, Harvard University, University of Massachusetts, Indian School of Management etc. He has appeared on radio and television, including the BBC: He has also given many motivational talks on innovation for senior managers and organizations all over the world as well as advising firms on innovation management and growth. He was recently considered one of the top 100 experts internationally by the World Economic Forum (WEF Innovation 100).