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Welcome to the Rome Business School

International managerial training of excellence

The Rome Business School is a managerial training and research institute of excellence based in Rome, Italy, but operating on an international scale.
Its aim is to play a role in closing the gap between the academic world and the job market by providing managerial training courses suited to convey the knowledge necessary to kick off or develop professional careers or business activities.
Our mission is to train entrepreneurs, managers and professionals to a level of excellence in their competence and their ethical approach to business and work, able to play a part in the development of an economic humanity and of a society more prosperous, fair and respectful of the central role of the individual.

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Retail Marketing 101

New strategies for enhancing the point of sale Retail Marketing is facing new challenges and opportu...

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Our school

  • Distance Learning
    Training effectiveness, care and economy Rome Business School courses are available also in distance learning formula. The School not only provides teaching materials, but also...
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  • LeARnTo
    The Rome Business School course to learn and do business through art by Ivonne Lopez Imagination is more important than knowledge. For knowledge is limited,...
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  • Faculty
    Rome Business School is proud to avail itself of an international faculty of primary level, an expression and bearer of the most modern knowledge about...
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