Augmented Reality Coaching

Augmented Reality management and marketing and technological transfer specialization course. Company internship and grants.

The course is aimed at the acquisition of knowledge, know-how, and applied skills that will enable you to work in the management and marketing of Augmented Reality and, more generally, of the transfer of technological and process innovation.
The course follows in the wake of Augmented Learning, which avails itself of innovative methods and highly effective aids.

Training aims

Participation in the course will enable you to:

  1. Specialize in innovation management and marketing;
  2. Acquire specific professional competencies in the field of Augmented Reality;
  3. Create, write and coordinate Augmented Reality projects;
  4. Satisfy the innovative professional needs of National and International companies;
  5. Intercept professional and innovative needs of national and international companies;
  6. Find professional employment in the management of technological and process innovation transfer.

Target Audience

The course is intended for all who wish to develop across-the-board managerial and marketing skills linked to a specific professional specialization in the fields of Augmented Reality and Technological Innovation transfer.

Courses tailored to suit specific company needs.

Augmented Reality as a new business opportunity.
Based on the needs of professionals and companies, we design personalised training courses for individuals or company teams.
We aim at fostering the highest level of independence in the management of Augmented Reality projects in order to facilitate a swift access to a constantly growing market.

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Becoming a partner in the Augmented Reality Coaching course means playing a leading role in building the professionalities of the future. New technologies are revolutionising the world of marketing and communication. Let’s blaze a new trail together to bring innovation and growth.

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