Brazilian Market – Structure

The Certificate in Brazilian Market includes:

    • Lectures
    • Meetings
  • Social Program



The 10 topics to be covered are:

    1. The Brazilian market: characteristics and trends
    2. Entrepreneurship in Brazil: cases and experiences
    3. Business in Brazil: challenges and opportunities
    4. Brazil: institutional and political environment
    5. Strategies in Brazil: strategic and operational approaches
    6. Entrepreneurial style in Brazil
    7. Business Communication: Brazilian styles and cross-cultural issues
    8. Managing people in Brazil: experiences and trends
    9. Meetings with Brazilian companies
    10. Meetings with Brazilian business associations


Methodology of teaching and learning


  • New technologies and new training tools (videos, web, video recordings)
  • Movie’s input simultaneously activate more than one of learning processes


Teaching materials


Each Professor for each module will provide:

      • power point presentation
      • reading material (with questions, discussions, cases, bibliography)
      • useful links


Resources to be used

      • Projectors
      • Slides- Pc- Internet
      • Tests
      • Lab Creativity
      • Photo cameras
      • Movies
      • Journal researches


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In order to increase the knowledge of the Brazilian market and business environment, participants will be given the opportunity to meet:

      • Institutions
      • Companies
      • Associations

Meetings will be organized with:

  • Representatives of the government of Vitoria, Espirito Santo and Brazil
  • Italian Community
  • Brazilian associations of entrepreneurs (SEBRAE)
  • Brazilian companies
  • Multinationals Italian/European


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Social Program

The program includes several other cultural and social activities:

  • Vitória guided tour
  • Visits to Tourist Destinations in Vitória and Region
  • Parties

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