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Cooperation agreement between Rome Business School and Turku University

Rome Business School is delighted to announce that it has formalised a cooperation agreement with the Turku University of Applied Sciences, located in Turku, Finland. This international agreement is aimed at increasing the value that both institutions can offer their students in terms of their learning experience, enabling the faculties to acquire new knowledge, supporting the...
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Antonio Ragusa, Rome Business School’s founder, meets Barack Obama

Rome Business School's founder, Antonio Ragusa, has had the privilege to meet former US President Barack Obama in Madrid, during a great conference on circular economy, organized by the Advanced Leadership Foundation and supported by our institute. His words have inspired and stimulated us to work even more to serve our students and to contribute to...
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Theresa Perez: my life as an entrepreneur after Rome Business School

Theresa Perez lives in Brooklyn, NY. She is a business and marketing consultant for entrepreneurs in arts & culture, having worked with clients such as Esperanza Spalding and Listen Creative Agency. She will also be launching a new business called IN Arts Creative Agency ( this November. You can learn more about Theresa or contact her...
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Rome Business School supports New York Summit 2018

Organized by the “Inspiring Committed Leaders Foundation”, NYS – New York Summit is the most relevant event of Excellence, Management and Leadership in the USA. The Summit, that will take place in October 22nd and 23rd, 2018, is attended every year by executives from around the world in search of the keys to business success,...
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Insight Interview with Professor Costas Piliounis

Costas Piliounis is the Managing Director of PNValue and a faculty member of Rome Business School. He has over 30 years of experience running large pharmaceutical corporations in Europe, Middle East, Africa and Latin America. His specific areas of interest are Health Care and Pharma, Strategy, Sales and Marketing and International Business. Costas has a degree...
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The abysmal state of politics in African countries: A final imperative call for change

As theorized by Darwin, life began in Africa, and scientists have postulated incessantly and unanimously in their findings that development that civilization also started there. Also according to Darwin, it was in Africa that our Homo-Erectus forefathers started using stone tools about two million years ago, before their exodus to Europe. The earliest evidence of...
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Rome Business School continues its collaboration with the Nigerian embassy in Italy

On Tuesday 5 June 2018, in Rome, the Rome Business School’s President and Founder Antonio Ragusa and Academic Supervisor Melanie Mueller met His Excellency Yusuf Jonga Hinna, the Nigerian Ambassador to Italy. The meeting provided the setting for the exploration of new opportunities for cooperation between the Rome Business School and Nigeria. The “giant of Africa”,...
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