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Insight Interview with Professor Gloria Meneghini

Communications professor Gloria Meneghini has recently gave us an interview about her path as a teacher/prof and some tips for her students. Gloria has worked with reputed communication agencies such as Adnkronos Nord Est, Padua and Venice Universities and Legambiente (the Italian environmental protection league).1. What do you...
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Rome Business School as an ECBE member

The Rome Business School is proud to announce that it is now officially registered as a member of the ECBE (the European Council for Business Education).The ECBE is an international educational organization committed to supporting academic and professional learning institutions in business and related fields.The ECBE assists institutions committed to...
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Welcome to Rome: How to cope in a new environment

Making your way into a new land, especially one where you don’t know anyone, is often a challenge and can be a strain. However, being able to study in a different country, especially Italy, is too good an opportunity to miss just because you might get homesick or face challenges.Rome is a beautiful city, with...
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Studying in Rome | The experience of Bikouyi Lekombagni

Exclusive Experience in Rome by Bikouyi Lekombagni

Bikouyi Lekombagni, a lively student in our MBA programme, someone who, not only always have a smile on his face, but also have a way to always put a smile on everyone else's face. Bikouyi is originally from Gibon, but has been living and working in...

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Studying in Rome | The experience of Abigail Lewis

Exclusive Experience in Rome by Abigail Lewis

Abigail Lewis, a unique and talented student who came all the way from the United States. She is currently studying in the Master in Marketing and Communications at the Rome Business School, although she has been living in Rome since 2012.

As you know, moving to a different...

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Studying in Rome | The experience of Symeon Christofyllidis

Exclusive Experience in Rome by Symeon Christofyllidis

Symeon, a very talented and outstanding student from the Master's Degree in Political Marketing programme. As you may know, moving to a different country can be quite challenging, but at the same time, exciting! Read all about Symeon and his own experience in Rome, while...

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