Certificate in Brazilian Market

Brazil is a country of almost 200 million inhabitants, of continental dimensions and, especially in this last decade, it has attracted the attention of investors from many different countries. It is an emerging market, as being, in 2011, the 6th largest economy. Has presented an economic growth above the world average, which led many companies to settle in Brazil, in order to participate in this large market.

So, today, Brazil is a country that offers many opportunities, but proves to be a challenging country geographically and culturally. However, it is still little known by foreigners.

Given this background, the Certificate in Brazilian Market has been designed to:

  • transfer the essential knowledge about the Brazilian market;
  • connect participants with companies and institutions that can be helpful for their entrepreneurial and managerial development.


The Certificate in Brazilian Market is aimed to:

  • provide useful insights into the Brazilian market;
  • help students identify business opportunities in Brazil;
  • suggest strategic marketing approaches for doing business in Brazil;
  • show how to communicate and interact effectively with Brazilian managers and entrepreneurs;
  • identify entrepreneurial behaviours and leadership styles in Brazil;
  • help students explore and develop their entrepreneurial potential in Brazil.



Our Audience is composed by:

    1. Entrepreneurs interested in developing their business in Brazil.
    2. Students both in undergraduate and postgraduate level, who are interested in learning about the Brazilian business environment.



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