Interview with Jessica Sorella: from Rome Business School to Atrain

Jessica Sorella from Italy is a Master in International Human Resources Management student at Rome Business School. She is currently working at Atrain, Germany as the HR intern. We recently interviewed Jessica on her internship experience and here’s what she had to say:

1 .In what department do you work and what are some of your duties?

Atrain GmbH is a dynamic leadership consultancy which supports its clientele by designing and delivering highly customized, holistic solutions in the areas of strategic talent management, executive assessment, leadership development, change management and organizational development. Currently I am part of the Talent Selection team and I assist my team in several tasks, for example in design, delivery and follow-up work for the assessment centres, the selection process in which candidates are confronted with a wide range of challenging situations that mirror realistic work scenarios and thanks to which the clientele is able to make sound selection decisions.

2. How has been your experience as an intern so far?

So far, my experience has been great! I wouldn’t have expected to be part of such a friendly environment but, at the same time, to be involved into customer projects from the beginning. Everything is very challenging but also interesting.

3. Is it vital to have a clean social media? Do you think employers check social media?

I have always had a clean social media, so I did not change it after starting my Master’s Programme; but, at any rate, I think that it is absolutely crucial! Employers do check social media and they generally make decisions also based on them. Therefore I would recommend paying attention to this aspect in order not to give a wrong image of ourselves.

4. I believe your résumé played an important role in getting you recognized; what do you think is crucial to include in your resume and what should candidates leave out?

Of course, the résumé is essential for those who are looking for an internship/job. If a person has changed path in relation to their course of studies, then it is crucial to have attended a Master’s programme in the field in which they intend to work. Otherwise, employers look at the experience people may have gained in a particular field. Yet, if a person does not have any relevant experience, it is still meaningful to underline those personality traits of yours that could show that you are the right person for the position. In my opinion, every experience is relevant and should be mentioned because it is part of a person’s expertise; yet, I would keep the résumé down to one/two pages; employers have little time to go through all the résumés they receive, so they need to be attracted by something “unique”.

5. Did our career services play an important role in helping you find and land this opportunity?

Yes, definitely; they were crucial! The Rome Business School’s career services helped me to broaden my thoughts, as I had not considered the opportunity to go to a country which I had never visited before and that did not appeal to me. Instead, I trusted them, followed their advice on everything (the style of my résumé, the applications, being open minded, etc.) and I will always be grateful to them for that!

6. What do you wish you had known before the internship started?

Maybe, I would have liked to have known that it is fundamental to be proficient in the use of Microsoft Office (Excel, PowerPoint) but, as I assumed it would, I tried to practice before the start of the internship.

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