Managerial Skills Courses

Managerial Skills Courses

The Rome Business School runs specific training courses for the acquisition of professionalizing managerial competencies able to provide adequate capabilities for the organizational environment.
Through these courses you will learn about the mechanisms based upon which companies and organisations work, in order to identify which competencies to apply relatively to the objectives and business needs.
The managerial competencies that will be acquired through these courses are aimed at facilitating the building of effective relationships with all the company profiles and enable the management of multiple collaborators, within an environment that highlights potential, motivation and objectives.

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All the ways in which you can attend the Managerial Competency Courses at the Rome Business School

Besides the wealth of content, the Rome Business School is pleased to be able to offer you an array of ways in which you can attend its courses. You can choose to attend the Managerial Skills Courses in Rome on campus, but we can also administer the lectures in-house at your workplace. We also run distance learning courses, by means of e-learning systems and individual courses.

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