Marketing Courses

Marketing Courses

The Rome Business School offers a wide array of marketing courses to satisfy all your training and professional needs. Basic, intermediate and advanced courses in all sectors of this fascinating subject.

A training offer constantly updated with the most modern topics and designed based upon the real needs of new graduates, companies, organisations and professionals.

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All the ways in which you can attend the Marketing Courses at the Rome Business School

Besides the wealth of content, the Rome Business School is pleased to be able to offer you an array of ways in which you can attend its courses. You can choose to attend the Marketing Courses on campus in Rome, but we can also administer the lectures in-house, at your workplace. We also run distance learning courses, by means of e-learning systems, and individual courses.


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As with all other course subjects, we are at hand to help you choose the Marketing course best suited to your needs. Do not hesitate to contact us to get further information on our training options and identify the course best suited to you or to your organisation.