Master Human Resources – Contents

MBA (9)

Part 1 – General Management

    • The company and the competitive environment
    • Business strategy
    • Project management
    • Marketing management fundamentals
    • Finance and business planning 

Part 2 – Professionalising teachings

  • Strategic management of human resources: approaches, trends and tools
  • Job analysis and strategic planning of human resources
  • Selection, hiring and retention
  • Training
  • Development: coaching, counselling, mentoring
  • Career plan and career development
  • Performance management and evaluation
  • Global Compensation
  • Organisational theories and development
  • Industrial relations and collective bargaining
  • Workplace health and safety
  • International management of human resources

Part 3 – Themed Focuses

  • Work psychology
  • Organisational behaviour
  • Leadership and team management

Part 4 – Study and research seminars

  • Workforce diversity, inclusion and equal opportunity employment
  • Internal communication
  • Change management
  • Human resources metrics

Part 5 – Special Contents

The technical/professional teaching is enriched by:

  • Company tours, to get to know managerial systems and players from the inside
  • Artistic-cultural programmes, aimed at stimulating creativity, innovation capability and complex system understanding
  • Training in interdisciplinary competencies, such as:
    • Business English
    • Self-marketing
    • Interpersonal communication techniques and PNL
    • Public speaking

«LeARn To» is the Rome Business School’s exclusive programme aimed at learning and doing business through art, included in the Master’s Degree course. Exhibitions, conferences, concerts and movies for a 360° cultural growth.

Rome Business School students at Rome’s Palazzo Barberini.



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