Learning Options

MBA (10)

The Rome Business School’s MBA is taught in English and can be attended, based upon preference, with the following options:



Classes are held in Rome, fortnightly, on Friday afternoons (16:00 – 19:30) and all day on Saturdays (9:30 – 17:30).



This option is ideal for all those who wish to organize their study time with the maximum flexibility and the guarantee of a true learning progress.

You will be provided with:

  • The text books
  • The presentations and the multimedia materials
  • The exercises related to each learning module
  • A personal tutor for each course
  • The teacher’s corrections and suggestions
  • Regular web conferences for amplifications and clarifications together with the other attendees.

Once enrolled, you will receive the paper materials, the credentials to access the online learning materials and you will be assigned your personal tutor.

You will agree your work plan with your tutor, who will assign and check your exercises and your final project/exam.

You will be able to attend regular web conferences (on average one every two weeks) from the comfort of your home or the location of your choice, with the same learning effectiveness of the on-campus lectures. For this option, the Rome Business School employs a cutting-edge online platform, through which you will be able to:

  • Follow lectures with full video and audio
  • Interact in real time in audio and video with the teacher and the other attendees
  • Collaborate and share documentation

All web conferences will also be recorded so that, if you cannot participate live, you will be able to watch them at your convenience.

What will you need?

To get the most out of our lectures, you will simply need:

  • A PC or mobile device with an internet connection
  • An audio connection via PC or headphones/microphone
  • A webcam (optional)


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