The Rome Business School Masters offers professional training courses in the fields of: General Management, Marketing, Human Resources and Cultural Management.

Master’s programs are characterized by:

• Teaching excellence, with highly qualified and carefully selected teachers;

• international character, for the origin of its students, teachers and institutional and entrepreneurial partners, and also for the career opportunities width;

• career-service, able to provide real opportunities for integration and for the development of your career;

• flexible teaching and formulas for every requirement: presential, distance learning with live online lessons, distance learning with tutoring, in house.

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High Specialization Courses

The Rome Business School, through its High Specialization courses, provides an opportunity to keep up to date and acquire specific competencies for a successful workplace integration.

The High Specialization courses offer a detailed and in-depth training in the field of business and today’s job market. They provide professionalizing tools, techniques and competencies through which it is possible to develop and achieve one’s projects in the Communication and Marketing context.

Investing one’s future in high level training is a fundamental building block for individual and collective development that facilitates progress and advancement to new frontiers in the work environment. Choose the High Specialization course that suits you now!

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Short Courses

The short courses of Rome Business School are designed to provide students, entrepreneurs, managers and professionals the opportunity to study specific subjects and update their knowledge.

The educational approach always involves a careful combination of precise conceptual references and practical-applicative activities, designed to reinforce learning and make it fully functional to the professional and personal needs of the participants.

The short courses of the Rome Business School offer great benefits, including:

• wealth of educational content, organized in a way clear, detailed and constantly updated to the latest developments in each discipline;

• teaching materials always complete and available in several useful formats (books, slides, case studies, handouts, video, and useful links);

• levels of detail to suit all needs, to meet the needs and specific training curiosities of each participant;

• flexibility of the didactic formulas available, divided into: presential, online, and blended in-house.

In addition to the materials release for study and consultation, at the end of each course it will be delivered a certificate of participation and that certificates the effectively occurred formation.

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