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Marketing Courses

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The Rome Business School offers a wide array of marketing courses to satisfy all your training and professional needs. Basic, intermediate and advanced courses in all sectors of this fascinating subject.A training offer constantly updated with the most modern topics and designed based upon the real needs of new graduates, companies, organisations and professionals.

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Communication Courses

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The Rome Business School offers a rich catalogue of Communication Courses suited to fully satisfy the training needs of companies, organisations and professionals. A training portfolio that is constantly updated in view of the most modern topics and designed based on real needs of cultural and professional development. Choose the Communication Course that best suits you or your organisation.

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Managerial Skills Courses

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Rome Business School runs specific training courses for the acquisition of professionalizing managerial competencies able to provide adequate capabilities for the organizational environment. Through these courses you will learn about the mechanisms based upon which companies and organisations work, in order to identify which competencies to apply relatively to the objectives and business needs.

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Sales Courses

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If you are looking for quality sales courses, truly capable of helping you to enhance your and your organization’s effectiveness and results, the Rome Business School is the school for you. We train salespersons, entrepreneurs and managers to understand the sales process, psychology and dynamics in depth and to manage them all successfully.

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Personal Development


The Rome Business School runs courses aimed at the understanding of the concepts linked to personal development, in order to increase awareness of one’s own potential and to identify the correct references and self esteem that are fundamental in the achievement of one’s life and business goals. The Personal Development courses focus upon the fundamental skills necessary to achieve personal success and pursue self improvement.

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