Ugo Righi

Ugo RighiAs a founding partner of the Tesi Consulting Group, he has worked as a consultant and teacher for People strategy; he is an associate and journalist of the Il Denaro Publishing Group and he is President of the Denaro Ricerca e Formazione (Money Research and Training) association.

In partnership with Tesi, he has operated for over 30 years in organisations and development projects for the enhancement of competitiveness and value generation. He is senior consultant for GSO (DISC certified).

He operates professionally in four main areas:

  • Human resources management and development: evaluation systems; competency based management and development models; knowledge management; interventions on climate and culture; internal communication.
  • Organisational operation: design of structures and roles; process re-engineering; total quality plans; interventions on efficiency.
  • Market: customer satisfaction systems; marketing planning; commercial organisation; customer relationship management; selling value.
  • Training: managerial capabilities development; organisational behaviour; professional competencies development, specifically in the areas of organisation, personnel management, marketing – sales; quality; hospitality culture; strategic identity development.

He has been in charge of training projects for theLa Rinascentegroup and has collaborated with the Psicologia e Lavoro (Psychology in the Workplace) magazine and the Irips (istituto ricerche e interventi psicosociali – Psychosocial research and intervention institute) with Enzo Spaltro. He is the author of numerous publications on various entrepreneurial magazines and of three books on psychological games.