The centrality of the individual: our cultural commitment is geared to the training of managers, professionals and entrepreneurs capable not only of excelling for their competency, but of distinguishing themselves for their capacity of putting the individual(customers, employees, the public opinion) at the center of their actions, thus playing a role in a healthier development of the economy and of society. We are, in fact, working towards a new economic humanity.

An ethical and socially responsible approach to enterprise: we believe that the pursuit of business targets must be linked to – and can actually be positively supported by – scrupulous care for the environment, for society in general and for future generations.

Multiculturalism: we consider globalization processes to be a great opportunity to exploit and to open up to promote the coming together, the understanding and the reciprocal valorization of cultures and ideas, the variety of which represents a source of economic and spiritual richness and not a danger to be wary of.

Multi-disciplinarity: we believe that the complexity of the new economic and social scenarios requires the acquisition of advanced capabilities to understand and manage them. For this reason, our teaching approach is geared to provide, as much as possible, a multi-disciplinary and integrated training and to provide new insights into the phenomena and dynamics of our time.

Learning Community: we are convinced of the value of shared intelligence and of each individual’s capability of making a contribution in terms of ideas and of knowledge. For this reason, together with our alumni, teachers and partners, our aim is to create a community of people who, through reciprocal exchanges, develops, improves, creates opportunities and plays a part, as a whole, in each other’s professional and cultural development.