The Office of Admissions at Rome Business School conducts year-round enrolment for both the March and October intake periods.

Rome Business School receives applications from every country in the world and our student body reflects this diversity with a student population consisting of more than 150 nationalities. Future managers coming from Rome Business School are rich in diverse and international perspectives, experiences, backgrounds, and cultures.

The admission process is designed to identify high quality candidates by highlighting their academic, professional and personal experiences. Applications are not only evaluated based upon achievement but also upon motivation and goal orientation. Motivation Letters are the candidates’ opportunity to clearly demonstrate their goals, aspirations and/or ambitions to the pre-admissions selection committee.

We advise all potential applicants, but in particular international applicants who require visa support, to submit their application at their earliest convenience. Applicants holding residency from non-Schengen area nations are strongly advised to submit their application as early as possible. Furthermore, applicants should confirm with their local Italian embassy or consulate, before applying, all necessary requirements to obtain a Type-D student visa for post graduate study.

If after carefully reviewing our website and program pages, you still have questions or would like clarification, please email us at


Admission Process


Complete the online application form, as well as submit your updated CV and Motivation Letter. Your credentials will be reviewed by the Pre-Admissions Committee within 3 working days.


If your application has passed the initial screening, you will receive an invitation to schedule your selection interview. If there is an error in your submission, or missing documents, you will be contacted within 3 working days.


The Pre-Admissions Committee conducts 30-minute interviews of all candidates who have successfully completed the CV evaluation process. Selection interviews are held either at the Rome Business School campus or via Skype, Google Hangout or telephone. While video calls are not mandatory, all candidates are required to use a headset and microphone in order to ensure optimal audio communication.

For a successful interview, candidates should expect to discuss their their future goals.


Once you have completed the selection interview, the Admissions Committee evaluates all applicants, selects candidates who may proceed in the admissions process and award partial scholarships to the most outstanding candidates.

If the candidate has been accepted to Rome Business School, a final outcome notification will be sent containing the an acceptance letter and offer of place at Rome Business School. This notification will be sent depending on the volume of applications received for that period. Normally, an accepted applicant can expect their final outcome notification within 3 to 10 working days.


Accepted students to Rome Business School will have an attached PDF document in their final outcome notification email. Page 2 of this document contains all necessary information to complete enrolment. To enrol, accepted candidates have two options to fulfill their tuition installment:

  • Full tuition payment, affording the candidate an additional 10% reduction in tuition, after partial scholarship application.


  • Minimum first installment, followed by monthly installments determined by the program and formula of study.




Rome Business School offers partial scholarships to the very best of applicants who demonstrate outstanding academic, professional and/or motivation excellence. As Rome Business School is a private research institution and not a public university, we do not benefit from the funding that enables full scholarship allocation, even to the most outstanding of candidates. Although Rome Business School does not offer full scholarships, partial scholarships are available and combined with full tuition payment discounts of 10% for all programs, up to 30% can be reduced from an outstanding candidate’s tuition.

For more information about Rome Business School’s partial scholarship program, please visit our scholarship page.


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