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The Italia-Africa Business Forum is the Rome Business School’s programme aimed at establishing and developing business relations between Italy and Africa.

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Globalization represents an historical process that can open up great opportunities of personal and professional growth both for management students and entrepreneurs.  Italy and Africa are naturally linked and reciprocally represent a priority audience and market for companies interested in developing their business on an international scale. On the other hand, successfully entering new markets requires a good understanding and knowledge of the local economic trends, business environment, culture, behaviors and communication styles.

Furthermore, before starting any business venture abroad, it can result extremely useful to create a network with local entrepreneurs, professionals, and service providers. Given this background, the Business Conference Italia-Africa has been designed to:

  • connect participants with companies and institutions that can be helpful for their entrepreneurial and managerial development.
  • transfer the essential knowledge about the Italian/African markets

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Attendees will be able to:

  • Appraise the main characteristics of the Italian and African markets
  • Identify business trends and opportunities
  • Develop a strategic approach for doing business in Italy and Africa
  • Network with Italian and African entrepreneurs, managers, organizations



The Italia-Africa Business Forum is aimed at:

  • provide useful insights into the African and Italian market
  • identify business opportunities in Italy and Africa
  • suggest strategic marketing approaches for doing business in Italy and Africa
  • identify entrepreneurial behaviours and leadership styles in Italy/Africa
  • help explore and develop entrepreneurial potential in Italy/Africa


Who is it for?

Entrepreneurs, managers, investors, consultants interested in developing their activities in Italy and Africa.


Date and Location


Venue: Roma Eventi Piazza di Spagna Conference Center
Via Alibert, 5/a – 00187, Rome-Italy



The program will be held in English.



The Italia-Africa Business Forum will be held entirely in English and includes:

  • Plenary sessions
  • Roundtables
  • Investment Pitches
  • Private Meetings
  • Success stories
  • Networking Opportunities
  • Cultural Program

Plenary sessions: Plenary sessions will allow attendants to debate general issues of primary interest to participants, arousing enthusiasm and providing food for thought. Speakers will share their views and debate what efforts should be made to unlock opportunities and achieve successful outputs. 4 panels will be organized on:

  • sustainable and inclusive business;
  • doing business in Africa;
  • doing business in Italy;
  • youth entrepreneurship.

Panel discussions will be moderated by high-level experts and personalities.

Roundtables:  Theme-based parallel Roundtables will be set up according to the interests of the business community. On a voluntary basis, private sector representatives or business groups – One Chair and 2 Co-Chairs – are organizing the roundtables, including drafting concept notes, identifying invitees to the roundtable and nominating one “success story”. They will also manage the debates and present recommendations. The roundtables cover areas such as sustainable energy, agribusiness, infrastructure, SME financing, social entrepreneurship, health and pharmaceuticals, raw materials, ICT in education and in agri-business. Roundtables will have in common concerns about sustainability and inclusiveness, as well as a focus on SMEs. In addition, themes are defined with the quest for concrete results in mind.

Investment pitches: The Italia-Africa Business Forum offers African governments and project promoters a unique opportunity to promote their investment climates and opportunities. An Investor Meeting will be organized, during which African countries will be given the opportunity to make investment pitches.
About 10-15 minutes will be allotted to each country to clearly and simply communicate excitement, metrics and aspirations to potential investors. The format allows reaping tangible benefits in terms of linking up presenters with investors and receiving feedback on how to improve pitches and/or the investment climate.
It is a venue where governments, project developers and promoters, and entrepreneurs have the opportunity to meet face to face with Italian and African investors and present their business concept.

Private Meetings: The Italia-Africa Business Forum offers key stakeholders to hold private meetings. Such meetings enable stakeholders to have private discussions issues, while taking advantage of facilities and benefits offered by the conference, as well as to be better prepared to contribute to the forum discussions and deliberations.

Success Stories: The Italy-Africa Business Forum foresees a session dedicated exclusively to showcasing successes of African and Italian SMEs, capturing and sharing the details of successes with business and political leaders. By highlighting star entrepreneurs, the Forum seeks to identify solutions to common problems and build confidence in policies, strategies and actions that work. This will essentially be done through “success stories” on how particular entrepreneurs are benefitting from an improved business and investment climate, as well as from concrete initiatives and partnerships.

Networking opportunities: Cocktail evening, Private Meeting rooms available, Networking lunches, Investment Pitches by several different countries


Italia Africa Business Forum (5)Services

Learning Materials: Attendees will be provided with all the documents, slide presentations, case studies, articles, videos and internet links that will be used during the forum.

Assistance for VISA procedures: When needed for visa procedures, attendees will be sent an official invitation letter and will be given all the necessary bureaucratic support.




The individual participation for the Italia Africa Business Forum is including:

  • Plenary sessions
  • Roundtables
  • Investment Pitches
  • Private Meetings
  • Success Stories
  • Networking Opportunities
  • Lunches
  • Evening cocktail
  • Assistance for visa procedures




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